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"As a non-musician leading a collaborative, music-driven project, I went to Gar for specific skills and abilities that I was lacking, and he delivered in every way. From our first meetings, it was obvious that he was not only organized and professional, but also flexible and creative enough to fit into a unique situation and role. In the studio, he was extremely helpful in a very dynamic recording environment. Throughout post-production and mixing, he was an excellent communicator, and translated my vision into a cohesive, professional-sounding album.

I constantly receive compliments on the sound and production quality of The Secret Dream-lives of Engineers, and have been told that it stands out among other spoken word albums for this, and its synthesis of live spoken word, studio tracks, and musically driven songs/poems. Without Gar, I don't think we could have it pulled it off. I highly recommend his services and diverse skills, no matter what genre you are creating in."

Eric Darby, nationally recognized performance poet and writer

"Gar is an exceptional individual who combines several qualities not often found together. As an artist, he is an excellent songwriter, arranger and musician in his own right. At the same time, he has a strong gift for organizing, project management, and systematic problem solving tempered by a strong business focus. He and I have been able to think creatively and "out of the box" about opportunities for generating revenue from musical projects, at a very collaborative level. He is well aware of the current developments in Internet marketing and e-communities as well as broader music industry trends.

More specifically, Gar's done excellent work for me in areas as diverse as concert promotion, public relations, editing, administration and project coordination, demo production and engineering, semi-producer level input on song edits, and full e-commerce enabling of my website. While entrepreneurial and highly motivated, he also retains good grounding in the ethical and aesthetic integrity of the projects being undertaken. I consistently find he is thinking through all possibilities as a true co-owner of the whole situation, rather than someone executing assigned tasks."

Mark Simos, singer/songwriter, tunesmith & old-time musician

"Gar Ragland is that rare producer who anticipates everything the artist might want or need. It's a great feeling to work with someone who is truly there for you one hundred percent, and the results he gets are equally remarkable."

Hankus Netsky, Klezmer Conservatory Band founder and director; jazz and improvisation faculty, New England Conservatory

Gar Ragland is an exceptional producer, one of the few individuals who straddles the line between the business and creative aspects of music production and does both justice. He is organized and efficient and made the production of my album smooth and enjoyable. He is also very adept as a mixer and engineer, truly a gifted individual who would help any project reach its goals. I would definitely recommend Gar to assist in any project.

Brian Scherman, Amphis-Baena

Choosing Gar Ragland and Riparius Productions to design and maintain my website was an excellent decision. I really didn't know were to begin. I had some idea of what I wanted in terms of structure and content, but no clear idea how to design it. I knew that I wanted it to be colorful, dynamic, and based on images that reflected all that I do in music. I also knew it had to be artistic and beautiful, not industrial or institutional. I had looked at quite a few websites, and really didn't see any that jumped out as models.

When I saw the websites Gar had already designed, that all changed. I immediately saw how aesthetically conceived Gar's sites were, and that set them apart from almost everything else I had looked at. It was clear that Gar had an artistic sensibility I could relate with, and I knew he would understand where I was coming from. In addition, his sites are technically savvy and up to date, so that clinched it for me.

Gar took my ideas and came up with a design that made me feel I had created it myself. He really got inside my head and helped me to realize my vision. His web designs are for people of discerning taste who want their website to be a personal statement of their work. I look forward to continuing to work with Gar Ragland on my website maintenance, upgrades, and evolution.

-Marc Rossi, Composer, Performer, Educator

Gar just produced my first CD and it was a real joy to work with him. On a macro level, I found him to be professional, reliable, musically astute and invested in the success of my project. He is a creative thinker who thinks big. What is amazing is that he was also incredibly competent at thinking through the small details and really guiding me through the steps necessary to make the project happen. Gar is a team player who takes a lot of pride in his work, and it shows. I would unequivocally recommend Gar for your next musical project!

Julie Geller, performing songwriter

"Working with Gar I found an engineer who was exceptionally attune with the music and the music-making process. He has the rare quality of being able to provide the best technical support needed, and at the same time being able to understand, in a larger sense, of how best to contribute to the music, and getting at the artist's vision.

Whether it's engineering or producing, I trust Gar to always be able to make the music the most it can be."

-Michael Cain, pianist, composer; jazz and improvisation faculty, New England Conservatory; recordings on ECM/BMG Classics, Candid, Blue Note

"Gar Ragland is a bright producer with all the right qualities to augment any recording project. Relaxed attitude, great ears, superior musicality, and an organized approach are what give Gar an edge over most producers out there."

Dave Locke, mastering engineer, JPMasters

"I have worked with Gar Ragland and his Riparius Productions on various projects in recent months and consistently find him and his work of very high quality. As a composer and clarinetist interested in presenting my recorded work with a high level of professionalism, I know I can trust Gar to help me present myself in just such a way. He is knowledgeable, easy to work with, and conscientious of his clients' time restraints. Perhaps Gar's greatest asset as an engineer and all around sonic producer is that he is an exceptional musician himself, and carries over his artistic integrity to all he does. I recommend him highly for any kind of project."

James Falzone, clarinetist and composer

"I have found the services offered by Riparius Productions to be quite outstanding. They are extremely professional and have always presented me with a finished product that was way above my original expectations. The quality of service, along with the attention to detail, is of such a high standard, that at this point I could not imagine going to anyone else in Boston for these particular services. If you do your project with Riparius Records, I guarantee you will be extremely pleased with the finished project."

-Matana Roberts, saxophonist & composer

"Gar assisted us in the production of our latest CD "At Any Given Moment." He was there for the tracking, worked on the mixes, and was there for the mastering process. He was great to work with, providing inventive ideas all along the way. In addition, his desire to fully invest his ear power in our project was the commitment of a great producer.

-Sam Thomas, saxophonist & composer, Four Minus One

"Gar provided a very useful component to the marketing of the Klezmer Conservatory Band & Finjan at the Berklee Performance Center, one of our 30th anniversary concerts. He had good ideas and was thorough in his follow through. So hire him!"

-Brad Paul, VP National Promotion Director, Rounder Records

"Working with Gar has been a great experience. As producer on my very first CD, he made everything very easy for me. He explained the process completely – his expertise made the entire process virtually painless. Thank you Gar!"

-Octavia Janice Allen, vocalist

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